Don’t Laugh


He’s totally going home to grandma’s house for a ‘sleepover.’



Man Permanently Disabled with Spinal Arthritis Threatened by Landlords

I have spoken with the maker of this video and his situation is quite dire, and I am sure his situation is still as precarious.

Have a look at some of his other videos to see how more residents than we’d like to admit are “surviving.”

This Would Never Happen Here

Unfortunately, several people would immediately be killed in horrific traffic accidents if you did this in Vancouver.

Imagine all the aloof pedestrians who would be squashed flat, with their IPod headphones still blaring the latest LMFAO album while the ambulances arrive.

Until we’re able to handle emotional situations in a calm and rational way, we’ll just have to settle for watching how (some) Europeans¬† and their cities live their civic lives.

Truly, I Am The Living God!

Even Jesus Tucks His Ears In

Must have been a long ride on the SkyTrain just to get beat down.


This is the hottest fashion trend right now! Don’t miss out!

A Desire to Succeed

Ummm, yeah..

You might want to ask Camille about how to write an apology.

Meet “Hatchetman”


More proof that the idiots are oblivious to the paradox of their uniform individuality.

Rebel Without a Clue

Too bad the wind didn’t pick up.

Perhaps he just couldn’t find one of the porta-potties?

I almost made a grievous linguistic faux pas.

Alpha Males Kick ‘Em While They’re Down

You can read all about this pathetic example of genetic-mediocrity here.

Derp The Night Away

This is what passes for irony these days? For shame..

The Legend of “Yellow Shirt Douche”

I couldn’t find the video, but this page has a nice summary of his achievements.

An Inspiration

I hope you enjoyed the big city lights!

Inspector Garbage

Big bucket o’ wrong.

Not Your Typical Pink Floyd Fan

Don't Eat It!


“Hey! Stop Rioting!”

1900s Humor

Highbrow Humor

This is his jail face.

Keep Reaching for Your Dreams


What the hell is he wearing, a FEZ?

I always thought Shriners had more sense.

Straight Ballin’

When will these kids learn; grunge is DEAD, man! Save the flannel shirt for your trip to Portland.

King of the Skids

Bringing shame to Washingtonians everywhere.

Fucking Hammers, How do They Work?

With no apologies to jugglaos everywhere – you’re idiots.