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Fun With Google Translate / Troll Harder

This is, by far, my crowning achievement trolling the Chinese Real Estate forums.

“Suspected enemy!” was supposed to be: “Doubt is the enemy!”

It works anyways, the “Red King” lives!

No Lulz would be possible without “Greater Fool” and “Rabbit”.


Million Dollar Flowers

This is part 3 of an unlimited amount of local mid 20th century “investment vehicles” aka “a flipper’s wet dream” we’ll be bringing you.

“Losers and Doers”

“It’s Different Here”

More Fun With Google Translate

..sailing the South China Proxsea..



What a Beautiful View


This is apparently what the GVRD Mayors call sustainable growth.

we’ll have to twin the Lions Gate – with tolls, of course.



More Fun With Google Translate / Market Research