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Not Laughing Now, Eh?

Old Lai Changxing, you were “just a simple peasant” – we won’t miss you. Good luck!

It’s interesting to read the local Chinese forums and see how many people admire Lai – I suppose they are just holding him up as one of their ancient, mystical archetypes: the bandit, the gambler, or perhaps, the douchebag – because we all know political dissenters aren’t held in high esteem – he was just fighting for free markets, right? Fighting for freedom from high import duties, etc. It’s kind of like not declaring anything at the Peace Arch.

I agree completely with the moral tenor of this article, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to give a single fuck, especially not after hearing that his only avenues of employment in Canada were either a) loan sharking b) pimping and c) real estate. Probably with a dash of money laundering on the side, given those business interests. Lai does not deserve to waste resources that ought to be used to process honest refugees and immigrants. Once you grasp the scope of the operation Lai was running in China, you have to wonder – what ELSE did he have his little mittens in?

So besides not being keen on harboring international criminals, we’re also not wild about private contracts for essential things like prisoner transport/sheriff/CBSA work, either – and if you want an accountable and fair system, neither should you.


More Fun With Google Translate

..sailing the South China Proxsea..



What a Beautiful View


This is apparently what the GVRD Mayors call sustainable growth.

we’ll have to twin the Lions Gate – with tolls, of course.



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